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Pixel Art


Hello, I am Kartikey Kushwaha.

I am an Android Engineer at Elli and currently reside in Germany.

I love reading, learning, running, and creating things that are aesthetically pleasing and delightful to use. Currently, I am learning iOS programming, Pixel art, getting better at Jetpack Compose and trying to write regularly.

You can reach out to me here - hello [at] krtkush [dot] com


This is a Jekyll website hosted on GitHub Pages and the template is Ephesus which I have heavily modified to my liking.
The modifications to the template are inspired by the website Ghettos Of Abu Nawas which I came across on Hacker News.

Data Collection: Only data that is collected, is collected by GitHub/ GitHub pages. Otherwise, this website has no trackers or analytical tools.

Older website/ posts: The previous version of my website, along with the posts, have been archived and can be found on the internet archives here. Unfortunately, the Disqus comments don't show up.